Welcome to Kindergarten 2017

What a busy start to our new Kindergarten year, we have lots of new faces and names to learn. Our first few days were a bit hectic getting to know everyone and their families. Some found it a bit overwhelming, but that happens and over time they will be coming through the doors smiling and happy to be there.

As you are aware, children in Kindergarten are now starting full day attendance from day 1! Your child is going to find this a bit tiring, and emotional; especially if they are not used to being away from home for the whole day. We understand this and if you have any concerns, please speak to us.

This is why we have a rest time after lunch, so that we can rest our bodies and minds and recharge ready for more fun and activities in the afternoon. If your child falls asleep, that’s fine, as we supply pillows and a little rug for them.

kindy-2017-first-day-002 Sleeping beauties

Lunch Boxes:

During the Kindergarten day, children have fruit time. This replaces recess time, so children do not need to bring anything for recess except their 1 piece of fruit. You will find that some children don’t eat much at the beginning and some feel that they need to eat everything in their lunch boxes. We sit with the children during lunch and encourage them to eat at least their sandwich. We do provide fruit snacks thorough out the day, so they don’t get hungry.


It is important that your child attends on their allocated days and if for some reason they are unable to attend, please ring the school to let us know.


During Term 1  we ask that children do not order their lunches as we decide on a daily basis when to have lunch depending on how hungry the children are.


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