Letter of the Week

We have started learning our letter sounds. Each week will be learning a new letter and the sound that it makes. We will do some letter crafts, read a story, maybe some cooking or taste a food that starts with that letter sound.

Term 2

Week 2: Letter ‘S

We sang “Five fat sausages sizzling on a plate and are sausages for a treat! We made a letter ‘S‘ with spots and stickers and stars on it. We played with paint and spaghetti!

CPC Group A 057 Week 3: Letter ‘A

We made apple prints on paper and made little ants on the letter ‘a‘. We tried some avocado (some of us liked it!) We made a letter ‘a‘ for apple and put black ants all over the apple.

Week 4: Letter ‘T

We made ‘tea and toast’ for an afternoon snack. It was very yummy! We made a letter ‘Ttiger with black stripes. We painted with cars and trucks and made tracks on the paper.

Week 5: Letter ‘P

We made a purple peacock with the letter ‘p‘. We had a look at a big pineapple. We had a little party with mini party pies and pizzas.