Healthy Eating

On Monday 1st May Kindy A went up to the Child and Parent Centre with some of their mums and Teachers, we had lots of fun making a sand painting, cooking healthy food, making a healthy snack, learning about foods that are healthy and sometimes foods. We enjoyed playing outside on the drums and listening to some stories. We had a fantastic morning. Thank you CPC staff!


Little J and Big Cuz TV program

A new TV program is starting on 28th April.

The animated television series, Little J and Big Cuz, is initiated by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to support the transition of young Aboriginal children into school.  It will premiere on NITV on Friday 28 April at 7.30pm, after which it will have a regular airing time of 4 pm weekdays.

Below is the link to a computer program that will be free for all families as of 1st May. Please have a look.




Easter Bunny

We had a very special visitor in our Kindy class! The Easter Bunny came to see us, she asked us to help find her lost eggs and then gave us a chocolate reward for finding them! Thank you Easter Bunny!


We had lots of fun, we made Easter bunny ears, little chickens, iced some bunny biscuits, made an Easter basket to collect the eggs with and played a game called ‘Feed the Bunny’. Our mums and dads and grandparents came and helped us have fun. We enjoyed the afternoon tea too!

Easter 054

Easter 017

There are lots more photos of our Easter days on the home page.




Easter 016

Emotions and Feeling safe

Over the last 2 weeks, we have been learning about the different emotions/feelings we have and what makes us feel happy/sad or scared.

We have had lots of fun making playdough faces and Isabella thought it would be a good idea to show what a ‘sad’ face looks like! Then we had a big laugh after we looked at the photo.

Learning to write

This Term we have started to learn how to hold our pencils with the correct pencil grip. Having a good pencil grip in Kindergarten will help your child develop good pencil control. We start with tracing straight lines, then drawing lines from top to bottom, then left to write, moving onto more complex lines such as: wavy, circles, zig zag. This helps your child to get ready for writing their names and later words and sentences in Pre-Primary.

Here is a good link to an Occupational Therapy site on how to develop good pencil grip and control.

Image result for pencil grip development

Connor is doing a great job at trying to draw a straight line in his writing book today.