NAIDOC Week Activities

This week we have been busy learning lots about NAIDOC week, we have painted rocks, done some bark painting, made damper, read Wombat Stew and made some yummy ‘ (Wombat) Stew, drew some tracks and symbols in the sand and did some special spatter hand painting and had our faces painted! PHEW! what a busy week!


Learning about People who help us!

This term we have been learning about all the people who help us in the Community. Kindy B were very lucky to see the Constable care show while Mrs Craig was away sick. We had lots of fun and learnt all about crossing the road safely.

In our classroom, Mrs Craig and Mrs Rowe made a pretend police station and a fire station. We also had a hospital, a dentist and a vet hospital!

It’s that time again!

Unfortunately from time to time during your child’s school life they might encounter ¬†horrid little head lice or ‘nits’ as kids call them.

We have had a few children this term with them and we know how hard it is to control them, so we hope that this little poster will help. We do try to prevent the spread of these,  with children not sharing hats or pillows, and we wash them regularly; but as kids will be kids it is hard to prevent this from happening.

New page

We have a new page to look at at the top of our blog called “Letter of the Week” please look at this often as it will be added to each week as we learn a new letter sound.

Healthy Eating

On Monday 1st May Kindy A went up to the Child and Parent Centre with some of their mums and Teachers, we had lots of fun making a sand painting, cooking healthy food, making a healthy snack, learning about foods that are healthy and sometimes foods. We enjoyed playing outside on the drums and listening to some stories. We had a fantastic morning. Thank you CPC staff!